Kate is the little sister of one of my very first senior clients. In fact, look up at my blog header… some of his photos are still on the header of this blog!  She was about 10 when I photographed her brother, Ryan and I remember meeting her that day.  A few years and a blink of an eye later and here she is for her senior session.    I loved laughing with you, Kate and Rhonda.   You are a beautiful young woman, Miss Kate. And I wish you all of the best for your senior year and beyond!


skagit county senior photographer

skagit county high school senior photographer




I recently received an email from a mom who was inquiring about a session for her senior daughter.  She gave me the biggest compliment by saying “I love how bright and happy your pictures look.”  I LOVE that!   We have so much fun during sessions.  My whole goal is to get the clients to be comfortable, relaxed and to laugh!

Cassidy, her mom and I met up for her senior session on a perfect evening in late summer. She had selected a beach location and the weather was beautiful, just like her!   She was game for trying whatever I suggested, like scaling rocks and wading in the water.  Loved your fun and happy spirit, Cassidy!  Have a wonderful senior year!


high school senior photography

High School Senior Photography


Melissa Corcoran Photo


Melissa Corcoran Photo Seniors

Melissa Corcoran Photography

Melissa Corcoran Photography

To me, Senior Sessions are not only about capturing the perfect images but also about capturing the essence of the person.  Taylor is not only beautiful on the outside, she has a beautiful inside too. As her mom said, “she has a very sweet and determined heart”.  She loves to give of herself and help others.  Taylor hopes to work with special needs children in the future.  No matter what she does, Taylor is going to leave the world better than she found it!

It was wonderful to work with you, Taylor! I hope you have a great senior year!

The evening could not have been more perfect.   The summer air was warm and the light was golden.  We had been planning Taylor’s senior photo session for a few weeks and I knew we would be including her beautiful mare, Norah.  I am so lucky to have been able to photgraph these two and the bond they share.

I asked Taylor to tell me something about Norah and I melted when I read her words.  I hope you don’t mind me posting them here, Taylor.  What you said was absolutely too perfect to even paraphrase.

“I got Norah when she had just turned 4, I was 11 at the time. Now she is 11 and I am 18. We’ve been together for close to 8 years now. Norah is my once in a lifetime horse. Which means different things to different people, but every horse person gets a once in a lifetime horse. To me, Norah is my once in a lifetime horse because I can do anything with her and feel totally comfortable because of the bond between us and the trust we share. I can ask her to do anything and she will do it (maybe with a little hesitation at first but will eventually will do it) even if she doesn’t know what to expect because she trusts that I won’t put her in a dangerous situation and I trust that she will take care of me all the same. She’s a super sassy and extremely quirky horse but I wouldn’t have her any other way, that’s what makes Norah, Norah.”

Take a look at Taylor and Norah 6 years ago…

And look at them now…

It is a special bond between a girl and her horse and I am so fortunate that I was able to capture these images for Taylor and her family.  And of course, we got to do some fun senior photos as well!

I am excited to announce that I am now offering portrait sessions for you and your horse. These are not just for high school seniors! Everyone who has owned a horse knows that special bond that you share.  I hope to bring my love of capturing connection, emotion and light to my equine portrait sessions.  Contact me for details.

It is always so hard to say goodbye.  They are never with us long enough.   When I heard that Jack was sick, I knew I wanted to capture a few final memories for my friends to have for always.  Jack wasn’t just a dog.  He was family and he is so very missed.

Skagit county dog photographerskagit county pet photographer

Skagit county dog photographer

Thank you Rob and Lisa for letting me spend some time with Jack.  He was loved by so many.  Run free, Jackie Boy.  Hopefully you are chasing tennis balls with Louie.  Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge…

Family is not an important thing.  It’s everything.  ~ Michael J. Fox

Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your family, Jennifer.  It is always so special when a photographer asks me to do this for them.  I hope you enjoy the moments we captured.  Many blessings to you xoxo  ~ M.

Anonymous: Superb photos. Lovely!

Looking forward to the sun kissed family sessions coming up this summer.  Here is one from last fall…

It has been such a privilege to watch these children grow.  The twins were my very first newborn twins I photographed!  Can’t wait for many more sessions in the years to come.  Blessings to you, McCullough Family!    xoxo ~ M

Welcome to the world, gorgeous Baby Azaad!

We spent the evening at Discovery Park in Seattle for this fun family session.  Such a beautiful location!  I adore this family.  Thanks so much for asking me to capture your gorgeous growing girls, Michelle!